DoomsDaisy™ Art by Pontius Paiva

WARNING: This website contains content of a potentially offensive and/or derogatory nature.

DoomsDaisy™ creator Pontius Paiva presents all new original digital art and story profiles featuring characters and themes from the interactive visual novel.

This extension site serves as both an introduction to the satirical sci-fi game, and for players of the demo to learn more about the post-apocalyptic fantasy universe of DoomsDaisy.

For more about DoomsDaisy, visit the official DoomsDaisy website:

For more about Pontius Paiva, visit

A limited number of original art pieces by DoomsDaisy creator Pontius Paiva will be available as NFTs on the Ethereum network in February!

This site uses .jpg image files for quicker loading. The images used to mint DoomsDaisy NFTs are higher quality .png files.

Series 01: Nascence

series 1 image 1


series 1 image 2


series 1 image 3


series 1 image 4


series 1 image 5


series 1 image 6

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